Placement is one of the major concerns of students while taking admission in any B-school. Students fail to understand that B-schools are NOT Placement Agencies but are grooming grounds where they are trained to be a perfect fit for the Corporate World.

Being from the field of Management Education for over a decade, we have established good relationships with reputed Indian and Multi-National companies / people from the industry in India and globally. We are also recognized as a reputed Management Institution in the Corporate Sector by virtue of the performance of our Alumni who are at fairly senior positions as of today.

We provide our students a platform to get an exposure to people from the Corporate World where they will have to prove themselves by virtue of their knowledge, competence and skill they acquire at IIMP.

At IIMP, our aim is not just to place students, but rather identify companies based on the students preferred sector / industry vertical they would like to work in / make their career in, their competence, aptitude and capacity to perform. All the same, we expect students to put in their best efforts and work hard during their study at IIMP and improve themselves and not just expect to be placed. Students have to bear in mind that even if we have the best placement team in place as well as excellent relations with different corporate, eventually it is them who have to perform well in the selection process of companies which is becoming stringent / tougher by the day. Some companies even have an eligibility criterion where they demand that for a candidate to be eligible for the placement process he/she must have secures 60% in his 10th, 12th, Graduation and 1st Year of the PG Management program he/she is perusing.

If student do not perform well in the selection process, the Institute cannot be held responsible for their not being placed. It is the duty/role of the Institude to get good openings for students in companies across different industry verticals and specializations and it is the responsibility of students to perform well and get selected.

Corporates are on the lookout for good and capable candidates and would only be too happy to recruit anyone who meets their eligibility criterion/norms and performs well in selection process.

We have maintained a placement track record of 90% -95% and are confident of further improving the same.



  • Finance Management
  • Banking Management
  • International Finance Management
  • Corporate Finance Management
  • Chartered Finance Management
  • Cost & Accounting Management
  • Audit Management
  • Taxation Management
  • E-Commerce


  • Information Technology
  • E-Business systems Management
  • Hardware Management
  • Networking Management
  • Project Management
  • Software Management
  • Software Project Management


  • Customer Care Management
  • Customer Care Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Public Relationship Management
  • Public Administration Management


  • Retails Management
  • Foreign Trade Management
  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • International Trade Management
  • Supply Chain Management

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